November 16th Book Release on:
I see about 6000 patient encounters a year and you and your wife stand out for your determination and surpassing of superhuman obstacles

- Neurosurgeon for Kat & Pavel

“I thought your book was not only a story of unconditional love, but a story of two people who came together for a greater purpose.

It was very clear from the moment you met Kat, that she was special. But you were special too and your selflessness and willingness to fight for and with Kat is what shines throughout your book.

Many blessings to you both!”

Stefanie Newell
Writing Coach

“You’ve written a rich and compelling book. While the pain you and Kat have gone through since the car accident has been intense, the way you dealt with this experience commands unquestionable respect.

I admired your honest recollection about feeling weak, wanting to escape at first, and dealing with problems in your relationship with Kat. Somehow, out of all of this, in the end you find purpose and the will to endure. Though you write, “We never asked to inspire anyone,” the truth remains that you do.

What brings the book together above all is your love for Kat. In a story filled with hardship, you give readers the opportunity to empathize deeply with her pain and marvel at her strength.”

Charity Young
Editor at SCRIBE

Jeff O Connell

(chief editor of

“I watch both of you (Kat and Pavel) in awe every day via Facebook. You’ve met this unfair life challenge with such grace and fortitude.. you are an inspiration to many, myself included.”

Shevaun Williams

“You taught me the gentle spirit & iron discipline. You inspire, teach and touch with your love and commitment to your beautiful wife.”


“You have shown us, both of you, the power of the human spirit and what it truly means to love in spite of pain, near death, and injury. The body may break but the spirit and your love for one another – never.”

Danielle Mitchell

“The strength, love, patience, and bravery you all emit is empowering. Even when you don’t feel as though you are, you all are beautifully exemplary. Thank you for being real, being honest, and transparent. It is very humbling. All our prayers to you and yours.”

Keender Bueno

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of every women for looking out and loving her like you do. I know it’s not easy at everyday. Since what happen to the both of you I no longer aspire for the type of love you see on cinema but the type of love you guys have. Truly keep being you.”

Norma Bretton

“You two are a true love story …love stories are not about the joy but the battles you fight each other and how you care for the other one.”

Hope Zarro

“God damn this is so powerful your writing allows no prisoners or victims and is the message of pure WILL.”

Alan Cummings

(Marine Corps)

“I wish I had your strength”