Cristina Venus

Cristina Sasso

Cristina Sasso, an Afro-Latino filmmaker, honed her craft at Playhouse West Repertory Theatre before venturing into film production.

Sasso has collaborated with acclaimed artists such as Chrissy Metz (This Is Us), Adalgiza Chermont (Criminal Minds), and Shoniqua Shandai (Harlem). Is the co-founder of Side Pocket Station, a Los Angeles-based rehearsal and audition-tape studio.

Excels in concept development, assembling skilled crews, and ensuring project cohesiveness from pre to post-production. Follow her journey on Instagram: @sasso_cristina.


Anna Bielkheden

As a full-time writer based in Los Angeles, Anna has always been fascinated by the power of words and wrote her first feature at 16.

Having won numerous awards and nominations for original dramas, True Love stands out as her proudest screenwriting achievement.

Anna hopes the film adaptation of Pavel’s memoir will spread the book’s inspirational message of resilience, hope and love to a wider audience.


Detra Gillett

As a film student and writer, Detra has achieved great success in her professional career for the last 20 years in Supply Chain, Operations, Project Management, and Behavioral Science.

Throughout her successful career, Detra has managed multi-million dollar budgets and has extensive experience in collaborating and coordinating teams, logistics, budgeting, and managing resource allocation.

With a proven track record of executing plans, monitoring progress, and ensuring completion, Detra has mastered the art of delivering results.

Her unwavering dedication to uncovering the past and connecting with people is truly remarkable.


Pavel Ythjall

“Every time I shoot I fall in love”. Pavel’s approach to his photography and directing is to elevate people and bring out the best in them.

With a Bachelor’s in Film, 100’s of music videos (MTV) and commercials as director/d.p in Sweden he was exclusively contracted by American Media Inc and moved to America. As one of their lead photographers he brought athletic women back into the magazines and created the most successful feature series ever.

Pavel’s strength lies in loving the people and the story he is involved in. Truly loving.



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